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Do you know the Top 5 tobacco brands

Zippo lighter Smoking cigarettes is a habit distribute all over the world, and lots of cigarette brands are being developed every day. But do you know the
most popular ones We feel they are following:

Marlboro cigarettes are very common worldwide; they joined the market in 20's. Initially this manufacturer was positioned while cigarettes
for ladies. But in 1950s Marlboro cigarettes changed their image to some cowboy, thus television cigarettes entered your mens world. Unique
layout and inimitable taste of the cigarettes produced by Philip Morris USA will never leave you unsociable and will let you sense
the taste of freedom.

Camel is also one of the best selling cigarettes brands. These cigarettes are being created since 1913 by 3rd r. J. Reynolds Tobacco
Business (RJR), mail order cigarettes. One of the components of Camel accomplishment is a combination of your cigarettes' low price and a top quality tobacco. Todays
Camel cigarettes contain a blend of Virginia and also Turkish tobacco. In 2005 RJR announced that Camel brand snus would be manufactured in
Sweden in partnership with British American Cigarettes.

Winston brand is another well-liked one. It was created by RJR in 1954 and having obtained a success over the next decade Winston became
your best-selling cigarettes brand throughout the USA. Winston achieved any dominant position on the market due to its mild and different

Salem cigarettes were introduced by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company inside 1956 as one of the initial filter-tipped cigarettes with menthol throughout
the tobacco industry. The name of the brand gets from the name from the place RJR was launched - Winston-Salem in North Carolina. The
uniqueness of Salem cigarettes consist inside the blend containing Oriental Menthol and not traditional popular Menthol.

And last but not least can be Classic Cigarettes brand produced by Reemtsma - Kiev Tobacco Factory, a Ukrainian tobacco company which is
very well liked in Europe. The tastes of these cigarettes is great and incomparable.

You will find hundreds of cigarettes brands, and which one to pick is always up to you!
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